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K-PUS & K-PUS Micro

Digital Magnetic Compass

Experience the next-gen Digital Magnetic Compass optimized for a wide range of applications, from gimbals to autonomous vehicles. Our legacy in aerospace and defense gives us the edge to craft the most reliable and high-performing magnetic compass solutions.

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Attitude & Heading Reference System

Empower your platforms with our high-speed Attitude & Heading Reference System. Crafted for dynamic conditions and changing magnetic fields. Backed by our aerospace and defense heritage, K-AHRS stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the navigation realm.

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Personnel INS & Tracking System

K-INS calculates position of personnel in absence of GPS / GNSS (i.e. indoors, caves, under jamming, etc.) together with attitude and heading angles. It is not affected by magnetic field disturbances or any external conditions. It can either be a subsystem or a stand-alone system with mobile application.

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Enhancing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Navigation with KM Sense’s K-PUS Technology


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The Critical Edge: Transforming Military Operations with Unmatched Heading Accuracy

In the intricate dance of military strategy and execution, the margin for error is razor-thin. With the advent of sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and advanced targeting systems, the spotlight has intensified on one critical component: heading accuracy.

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